We regret to inform you that we will no longer be breeding or selling cats becuase Jerry Katzky has passed away.

We will be keeping this site up for historical reasons only.

While we will not be breeding or selling any more, we will be happy to refer you to other breeders if you send us a message on the contact page.

An Ocicat is an agouti spotted cat of moderate type. Originating from interbreeding of Abyssinian, Siamese and American Shorthair. To find out more, please click the link below.

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Grand Champion Hotspots Tawny Taza of Ocicountry was the first tawny spotted male to earn the title of Distinguished Merit with CFA.

Ocicountry Cattery had the first Ocicat classic tabby to earn the title of Distinguished Merit, a female named Ocicountry Cinnamon Zande.

Ocicountry has another Distinguished Merit cat, a grand champion chocolate spotted female, Grand Champion Ociville Chocotah of Ocicountry DM.

Ocicountry and Pikespeak Catteries produced the first fawn spotted grand champion with CFA. Grand Champion Ocicountry Rukwa of Pikespeak.

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